Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Becoming a Student Program

As you all may know, we are VERY close to turning this club into a Student Program. Doing so will help to ensure our vision and mission continues long after we graduate. There are MANY benefits to becoming a program, and we have big goals for a Digital Media Design Student Program. However, before we can start working on and communicating those goals, we have one final hoop to jump through.

We need to go before the ASG board of directors to get their approval.   
We just found out yesterday the next board of directors meeting is Tomorrow!

Wed 06.08.2011
BC C103

We've been told to bring as many supporters as possible to this meeting. If they see that our Club is backed by our community, then the decision is an easy one for them to make. 

This is the final step in the process and we could really use your support. If you like what we are doing and you are available, we would love to see you there tomorrow.