AE 3D Stroke Effect tutorials
• Animate a thin particle system in 3D space
• Use expressions to enhance particle control

AE Flare and Light Streak
In this free After Effects video tutorial, learn how to create this stunning effect using Trapcode Form and Particular as well as Lens Flare.
A short overview of what to expect with After Effects’ implementation of Photoshop 3D

AE Floating Hologram
Create a Futuristic Floating Hologram Effect

AE Spiral Particles
This Tutorialsteps us through how to create particles in a spiral in After Effects using Trapcode Particular and a simple expression.

Video CoPilot Tutorials
A variety of After Effects Tutorials

(not sure why you'd use that – but it was interesting)
Learn how to fly a camera around in After Effects and land on full frame video. To make these moves land on pixel-perfect, full-frame video can be tricky. This technique should help keep your camera moves and transitions accurate and ready for a perfect edit.

Various After Effects Tutoials
Professional After Effects Tutorials