Body Modeling Part 1
This tutorial is super fast, and interesting to watch.

Modeling a Female Body
This tutorial offers lots of screen captures of the modeling process. It also gives readers the option to print the tutorial.

Modeling a Female Head
This tutorial is written by Peter Ratner and offers readers detailed illustrations to follow along.

Real Time Character Modeling Tutorial
This tutorial also offers a pdf download.

Andrew Klein ( looks at the basic shape of a hand...

Modeling a Poly Puppy in Maya
In this tutorial models a puppy with Polygons.

Using the Background Shader
This Tutorial explains how you can incorporate a 3d model onto a 2d background with Maya’s use background shader.

Create an IK Reverse Foot
This tutorial shows how to create a reverse foot setup.

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Offers a variety of tutorials

AutoDesk Maya Tutorials
Autodesk's official Tutorial page for getting started in Maya