Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AfterEffects With the Experts - Grett Marshall and Todd Kopriva (Adobe)

Jarrett attended this talk hosted by Aquent. Thanks for sharing your notes Jarrett.
Wednesday, May 18th | 7-8:30 PM.  
Just got back from the meeting here is the rundown of info I got.... you can forward the center body on info and if you want to get in touch with Todd Kopriva about them coming to BC to give speaches for the Animation club you can contact him at korpriva@adobe.com (oh and I will be talking to Eric Jensen from Adobe about interning options, there are none as yet, but they are looking into the option...I was ask for more along the lines of an unpaid learning experience)

1.To turn off annoying auto "Easy Ease"
Goto Preferences and select "General"
On thid down select "Default Spacial Interpolation to Linear"

2. To export AE project for Flash
Goto "File"
Export->"Adome Flash Professional XFL"

3. 3D Dome or warp effect on a flat plane layer
Goto "Effects"
Select "Freeform Digi effects"
This tool is supposed to be a bit difficult and it was reccomnded to download a demo and look at the settings on that demo to understand it more, also to search "freeform"

4. Puppet tools "Skeleton Effect"
Download the "Duik" script for AE, it is said to be quite nice (and I hope it is free...sorry forgot to ask because I was loading on more questions that the entire group combined and didn't want to get beat down)

5.Audio playback option while working on large project to avoid need for prerendering
Press the "." on the number pad to mark a sart and stop point

6. Alts for moving the motion path of an item
A. Highlite all the keyframes then select a point of the motion path and move it
B. "Click" on "position" and the keys will all select the select a point on the motion path and move

7. Adobe AE blog with useful info:

8. Open "Adobe Help" in web browser of your choice
Select Help
Click "After Effects Help" or just click "F1"
Once open slect "Edit"
Select "Preferences"
Click the Sixth option down "Open Help in Browser"

9. To make a single object a layered animation
"Right-click" item to replace and select "Replace footage"
Select "File"
Once in the file select window highlite range of pngs
Once range is selected the lower left-hand corner an option will un-grey for "PNG Sequence"
Once that is clicked you can also click the next option of forcing "aphabetical order"
10. Meetings in Seattle
There is a User group for Premeir on this approaching Moday at 7 PM in downtown seattle. I do not know the location yet, but I hope to get it. This group will focus on AE as well

There is an Adobe User Group at the Adobe Offices in Fremont by the bridge at this approaching Tuesday at 7 PM

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